Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh Brett Wallace... where ARE YOU!?!?!?!

So I e-mailed Topps a couple weeks ago. I've been curious about the Brett Wallace auto that is supposedly in 2011 Gypsy Queen. I have yet to see or hear of anyone pulling one, and eBay is devoid of any sign of it. It is on the official checklist included in the packs and Sports Card Radio's checklist; which I find rather reliable. Anyways, I got a response back from Topps (rather short and rude) saying "If it's on the checklist, it's in the product." Well, Customer Service thanks for that response... but the card is MISSING IN ACTION!

If anyone has seen, pulled or heard distant rumors of this card existing... please let me know... I want it...

I've heard rumors it may not have been inserted into the product, but is part of the UPC redemption, and if so SHAME ON YOU TOPPS!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

(The Dimwit will step down from his theoretical blog soap box now and you may proceed with your day...)

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