Monday, June 27, 2011

New Video... card show pick-ups... Hollywood... trades... beer... craziness...

Here's a video put together rather haphazardly... enjoy... lots of stuff for trade in here, you'll have to watch to find out because I was too lazy to scan them in! Many thanks to Greg over at Plaschke, your blog name is too long... and in true Dimwit style I mis-named the person who ran the Trade Bait Draft... I said David, and I was wrong... wrong in so many ways, it wasn't an Indians blog, it's the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame blog... I guess it justifies the card he sent me... wow, I'm dumb and should prepare better! Enjoy the video!

Pretty much all of the non-Astros cards are for trade... feel free to comment away! My "Hits-Autos-Relics" spreadsheet will be updated soon...

FYI... Dominic, Wicked and Ryan G... I had your cards in a separate pile intending to include them in this video... but totally forgot, you will get your own video, just not tonight... haha!


  1. Oh man. You should drink more often when you make videos.

    Priceless stuff my friend.


  2. don't know, but for some reason, I'm thinking that last card was not mis-cut, it was circumcised!!

  3. That Carlos Lee comment that you slid in there was great.

  4. Great stuff as always Sam. More beer sponsored posts should be the norm. You are correct, I can use the Mussina and Kaz.