Monday, June 20, 2011

A new trader... a purchase... and a group break!

I recently got an e-mail from a fellow named James who lives on the island state of Hawaii! He's hooked on Gypsy Queen and I had a bunch to trade, and he had some great Astros to send my way. We'll start with the trade material... a bunch of inserts from GQ, and a bunch of Astros from the 70's! Oh, and a TTM style auto from Jose Cano. Very cool cards James!
This trade took a little while to put together, because James was doing the IRON MAN MARATHON IN HAWAII!!!! How cool is that?!?!?! I struggle through my weekly volleyball matches, I can't imagine doing an Iron Man! Well, the delay worked out GREAT for me because James' wife is awesome... wait that doesn't sound right... let me re-phrase... James' wife is awesome TO HIM... she bought HIM a bunch of Gypsy Queen from a local store just because he knew he liked them. Out of those packs, she pulled a beauty of a card which James offered to me first because we had a trade going. He and his wife wanted to eBay this card, but I went ahead and used the last of my card purchasing funds to snag this one... an amazing card...
Very sweet, crisp corners... oh, and check out the number in the top right corner on the back!!!!
I got #1 of 10!!!! Freakin' sweet! Thanks for the trade and purchase James! Hope you enjoy the cards I sent your way! And, he is going to start a blog soon himself, so hopefully I can link back to it once it is up and running! Thanks again James! And to my readers, if you get an e-mail from an Iron Man from Hawaii, definitely make a deal with him, you'll get some great cards!

I also got my portion of cards from the latest group break over at Cardboard Collections which is run by the awesome Colby. He puts together very reasonable and affordable group breaks, and we worked out a deal with his group break and mine to get us both involved in each others' break... so I ended up with the Astros and Phillies...

 Some nice Astros cards. The black Towles rookie looks cool. I do like the Baseball Heroes set. I like a lot of the sets Upper Deck did as far as design, it was their execution that sometimes was lacking. That Wagner card cracks me up, I don't see why he agreed to that pose. "Future Star: Daryle Ward"? Yea right, I think he's playing in independent league still, but a major disappointment, along with Hidalgo (can someone say "roids"???) and then there is Pence, our only hope. He is our Luke Skywalker to Pujols' Darth Vader...
I picked up the Phillies because I thought I could pull a couple current Astros players since Ed Wade signs or trades for all of them whenever he can... J.A. Happ, Jason Michaels, Michael Bourn... so I got the Happ! Finally, I have two cards that represent the only redeeming quality of 2010 Upper Deck, the ballpark cards:

I got both the Astros and Phillies stadiums... very cool. Thanks for the break Colbey!

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