Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Heart Will Go On

FYI this is what happens when your older brother hacks your blogger account after you hack his facebook account... I will leave it up because it is actually rather funny... Nathan, you will pay for this...
Remember: always log out and don't save the password... is the day.  I finally got my Celine Dion tickets for Vegas.  It really has been a dream of mine to see her live.  I often sit and sing to myself the theme song from know...My Heart Will Go gets me every time.  I just break down and cry just thinking about how all those people suffered in that cold, cold water.

In other news, I have an appointment to get the boil on my back lanced.  It is really quite gross.  When I had my back waxed last month it really started to bother me.  So while the lady finished my manicure I asked if she knew a place other than a doctor's office to get that taken care of.  She recommended a good place.  I trust her...after all, she does miracles on my eyebrows.

Today is also special because me nephew turns three today.  Happy Birthday, Zac!  You know...I am so lucky to have the family I do.  I have a whole slew of special needs and they are always so supportive.  Many of you don't know this, but I wet the bed well into junior high.  My brother was always REALLY nice about it. He didn't poke fun or anything.  He always helped me with my kid-sized Depends.  I couldn't have made it through those 5 years of junior high without him.  Come to think of it...I wouldn't be the person I am today without him.  He is always looking out for me.  I am a bit clueless when it comes to common sense, so his guidance is always so helpful.  For instance..internet security.  He always reminds me to log out of this one.  "Log out or someone will get on and embarrass you by posting questionable content.  You can never be too safe, Sam.  Hey Sam...listen up...dude...put your copy of Seventeen down and listen."  You know what I mean? Do you have someone that always has your back?

Nathan, I am so glad I am your brother.  I have always modeled my life after how you handle yours.  I will never be as good looking, smart, successful, athletic, handsome, funny, kind,good-smelling, or intelligent as you, but I hope I can be.  I get very upset thinking about all those times I let you the time when our sister left the wet towels out and you took the blame for us.  What character!!  You were only 6 or 7 at the time, and I just mom spank you for what seemed like an eternity...well, at least for us.  We got a full game of Monopoly in.  In other words...well, in the words of Wayne and Garth....


To everyone else...find someone you really admire and tell them how you feel.  I know I am almost done with his Father's Day present.  I made a shadowbox of all the ticket stubs from the movies we went to see as kids.  I also got a picture of us made into a mouse pad.  I hope to present it to him this weekend.  If he doesn't love it I will just die...who knows what I will do to my Nicolas Sparks collection!?!?! And to think I just got the autographed first edition of "The Notebook" sad.

Have a great day, everyone.  Especially my complete me. (tear)


  1. kinda makes you wish you were an only child, doesn't it?

  2. It's so touching! Like a Lifetime Movie of the Week for men!

  3. haha...good-smelling...word of the day right there.

  4. hahaha I don't how I missed this post originally, but that was awesome!