Saturday, June 4, 2011

Group Break In Summation... sort of...

Well, the wife and I have almost got all the sorting, collating, bagging and such completed this morning. Unfortunately, there are more cards per package than I had anticipated, so I'm going to have to go to the trusty Wal-Mart or Target and buy a few more packages in order to get them all together.

Hopefully you all will have watched most or all the videos to see what exactly you'll be getting in terms of hits, parallels and inserts, because I packages all those up without counting for each team. However, I do know that there are only two participants who got "shut out" from a hit. Sorry Jay and MU, the cards fell as they did and your 4 teams ended up with no hits. Although each of you got some parallels and inserts.

Everybody will get a full team set, except for myself, BA Benny and Matt P who volunteered to take the "short sets" so that everyone else can get a full set. Luckily, those two sets aren't short by a whole lot and I'm sure they'll be able to fill their sets through trades. My set is only 42 out of the 84 card total, but again I'm sure I'll be able to find the other 42 I need for the full set. Overall, Matt P and myself tied for the most "hits" with 4 each... Matt got 3 autos and 1 jersey while I got 3 jerseys and an auto. I think the group was wise in opting for the "set" option or we all would have ended up with 12+ cards of all the players for each of our teams. Pretty much every 2 team set also got a few duplicates, I think one or maybe two people didn't get any duplicates.

Overall, I really liked this case, and as the first one that I've ever busted, I'd give it a solid B+ overall. There were some decent hits (Wang, Drew, and Young auto's... Fielder, Pujols and Wright jerseys), lots of parallels and lots of inserts.

Thanks to all you guys who participated. I hope everyone is happy with the cards you will receive! Let me know if you have any questions!

I'd like to do another group break soon, maybe just a few random boxes. Head over to Atlanta Sports Cards and let me know if you have any ideas for boxes to rip!


  1. Great Break Sam! I really enjoyed it, definatly count me in for the next one.

  2. Yeah I enjoyed it as well. I got three hits and a full set. I did miss out on the two Rockie rookies, but yes I will definitely be in for another break like this. I love these small sets from years I wasn't collecting. They are cheap and easy to build.

    BTW, I had a long day at work yesterday and couldn't reply quick enough, but I do have interest in the Holliday and Baker if you want to do another trade.

  3. Sam, BA Benny and Matt P. Thanks for taking the short sets, if you get me a list of what you are missing, the card shop near work has a bunch of these in the dime box and I can look through them for you, just let me know.

  4. Thanks for taking on the task of group breaking a case!

  5. Thanks for the break! I will have to watch the videos later and/or wait for the mail to see what I got. This is my uber-busy time at work, so I had actually forgotten to check in for this! D'OH! Can't wait to see what I got!