Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trades, Purchases and a GREAT CARD or 7...

Wow, I got home from Alabama today and found 7 packages waiting in the mail box... There's Derek from Tomahawk Chopping, Todd from MidWest Cardboard, a couple of purchase packages including a huge haul of Masterpieces from I Am Joe Collector and a bulk package of Astros from Scott over at Smed's. This is a huge haul of cards over all, including a LOT of trade bait, contest winnings that will also be trade bait, a personal white whale of a card for me, another 1/1 that I can't believe I got for a bit more than $10, and some great Hollywood stuff for the wife that Todd sent along unexpectedly. For those who traded with me, I REALLY do appreciate it, Todd you outdid yourself and I totally owe you something for those Hollywood cards! The wife was really excited... here's the video, there'll be scans after the post of the "For Trade" items!


IF there is anyone I have a pending trade with or anyone I owe cards to, PLEASE e-mail me. Life has been a bit hectic lately and I don't want to forget anyone!


  1. Tony Gwynn, Tom Glavine, and Sean Henn please. I am building a pile for our pending trade and will continue to add to it for those if possible

  2. I need to claim that Rich Hill for that trade you and I are working on--I'll get back to you real soon!

  3. I think there may be some decent ones in there - Cam did a deal with me earlier but I still had some cool Astros. But yeah, it was kind of a massive amount of cards to dump there, and I'm sorry that Kaz Matsui was the second card you saw!