Friday, May 20, 2011

Trade Post, Group Break & Contest Reminder

Hey everyone... one quick trade to post and a couple of reminders...

First of all, a bit thanks to Shane over at Off The Wall for this trade. I've got to say I failed on this one, as I prepared the link, I realized I wasn't officially "following" Shane's blog, problem remedied. For sure a follower at this point because this guy is an awesome trader! He contacted me about a bunch of mini's and I sent them over his way gladly in return for a team bag full of Astros and these beauts as well:
All the base cards shown are SP's and then of course the two bronze borders garner him 2 entries into my contest! If you've got some of these to trade (even if I already have them, I'll take duplicates and still give you an entry!) then please send me an e-mail and let me know what you would like in return from my many FOR TRADE lists.

Ok, as for the GROUP BREAK... currently 12 teams are claimed, we only need 3 more!!!! Get the word out peeps! There are PLENTY of good teams left and there are going to be some great teams left to be randomized off as well once it's all said and done! Only $30 will get you into the break for two teams. With over 32 "hits" available plus plenty of quality inserts and parallels, this is going to be a very fun break with some great looking and feeling cards!


  1. If you ever get a dupe. for the Happ base Gypsy let me know what I can do to get it please. Thanks again!

  2. Hey Sam-

    Glad you liked the cards! I have another bronze border HanRam #30 that you already had on your list. If you're looking for dupes, let me know as I would take on my minis. I also landed a The Great Ones Frank Robinson that I think you need as well. It's #GO29.