Monday, May 23, 2011

A Trade Post...

Alright, a couple of trade posts: first we have Jon over at Community Gum. We worked out a deal to send me a few Gypsy Queen cards, and for me to send some cards off his want list. Thanks Jon. This gets you one entry as well into my bronze border contest!

Next we have Charles from the Lifetime Topps Project. This was an epic trade that got a bit convoluted. We ended up swapping Mini Hobby Only Variants and then a slew of cards from each others' want lists. Also included are 11 bronze borders!!!! This'll get Charles 11 entries into the contest, the most so far! This puts me at a total of 49/100, so there's still 51+ entries available (I say 51+ because I'll take duplicates!!!). The Ortiz is for trade!
Well, there you go everyone... have a great day... hopefully my evening gets even better because I've got my volleyball league tonight and we're playing against one of our rivals... would love to beat the heck out of them! This is me getting all competitive and testosterone filled... Tim Allen would be so proud...

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