Monday, May 2, 2011

Trade and Group Break Results from BA-Benny!

Mike from BA Benny and I have had all kinds of epic trades going back and forth between Houston and New York. Well, the cards shown below are the highlights of our latest trade! (Mike your cards are in the mail in the morning!)
That's a black border from this year of Keppinger numbered to 60, then an Oswalt jersey card and then the grand centerpiece of the trade, the Jason Castro signature from Razor, very nice! I threw in a few other cards from the trade. Hopefully Mike will enjoy the cards I'm sending his way as much as I'm enjoying mine! Thanks again Mike, another great trade!

Next up, a smattering of cards from his group break... one of the most awesome group breaks I've been a part of. Every time I refreshed my Google Reader, it seemed there was another video from Mike opening packs (of course except for that period of time his computer crashed, but not his fault... haha!) Thanks for the group break Mike, it was great!
I am fairly certain that I can say that I didn't have any of the above cards before this break! Great job Mike and can't wait for your next break!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Is Berkman attempting a Superman pose or what?? And you really can't go wrong with the mascot cards...