Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick somewhat free (to me) card/trade post... and group break pimpage (again)... haha!

Hey everyone... a quick post to show off some cards that Matt from Cardboard Conundrum. We're old college buddies that still live in the Houston area. A while back, I went over to his place and let him rummage through my extras and I snagged a few cards; but the quantity and quality of cards was decidedly in his favor and we just agreed that he could make it up to me over time, yada yada yada. If I remember correctly this is the second such bundle he's sent my way... he garnered himself two entries into my Bronze Border contest with a sweet Thurmon Munson and a Jimmy Rollins... he also sent along a SWEET Nolan Ryan green border retail insert as well as an SP and some UD 20th Anniversary inserts! So... onto the goods...
Matt... thanks a bunch! This brings my Bronze border total to 51 in-hand! Over half way there people!

Alright, on an unrelated but very important note, I'm ONE person short of filling the group break! COME ON, there's got to be a Tigers or Twins fan out there who want a chance at a Verlander or Liriano auto!!!! Or any of the other available teams!!!! Someone go comment and claim the last team needed!!!! Thanks!!!!

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