Sunday, May 1, 2011

Product Review Time! Thanks to!

As some of you may have noticed recently, I gained an additional blog sponsor with!!!!!

My wife and I had been talking for a while about getting a canvas print from our wedding to adorn and empty wall in the home. Well, this opportunity was just too great to pass up! After a couple of e-mails we agreed to pay for some of the shipping in order to get the print size that we wanted. Also, I had to track down our wedding photographer to get better resolution prints to use, as the originals we had were too low res. Well, needless to say it turned out great.

First of all, I'll go over the website interface. It honestly couldn't have been easier to put together the print that we wanted. First we chose the 30"x40" size photo print because we wanted a larger than usual photo. Then, we chose the 1.5" thick border and the picture wrapped border. Again, every step was easily laid out and couldn't have been easier to select the options that we wanted. We went through our catalog of photos, several hundred and finally picked the one wanted and uploaded it. The final step was to crop and move it onto the template so it would be laid out exactly how we wanted it.

Overall, the design process was an A+.

Shipping was next. It was ordered on Tuesday the 26th, and promised by May 7th. However, they did an amazing job and our print shipped on Friday with expected FedEx delivery by the 2nd. FedEx outdid themselves and actually delivered it yesterday! We were out of town (in Austin at The Decemberists concert, it was awesome) but my in-laws stopped by our house and picked it up off our porch. The only think I wish I had done is set it up for "signature required delivery" but that's because I live in the ghetto and have had stuff stolen off our porch before! My mistake, not theirs. It all worked out though and when we got back in town this afternoon we had to stop by the in-laws' house to pick up our dog and package!

Upon opening up the box, we were pleasantly surprised to see exactly how much padding and shipping prep was done to insure there was no damage to the canvas print. First there was bundled butcher paper protecting all four corners, then there was bubble wrap encompassing the entire print, and finally there was saran-style plastic wrap enveloping the entire print. It was all done in such a way as to protect the product from pretty much any shipping obstacle.

Overall, shipping was another A+.

Finally, we get to the actual product. Here it is fresh out of the box:
And to give a bit of perspective, here's a picture of it with me standing next to it!
It came out great! It was solid and sturdy. The canvas stapled to the frame all around the inner frame and the resolution was amazing. Truly a great job by If you ever have a need for a canvas print, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to head to their website and start my order. This is one site that definitely lives up to it's name!

For the actual product, my wife and I give it an A+. We are completely satisfied and grateful for the chance to work with this company and provide you readers the chance to see their work. Thanks again to the team at!!!


  1. Great company as I was also lucky enought to work with them. I couldn't agree more with the A+ grade.
    Great picture as well, I love the shot ypu chose.

  2. I also has the chance to work with the company and completely agree on your A+ rating. Top notch all the way around!

  3. Decemberists? I enjoyed their show on Austin City Limits (last year?) and like "The Perfect Crime #2" a lot