Saturday, May 21, 2011

Multiple Packages... including 2 from Topps... and some trades!

Alright, I got a total of 5 packages in today! The first two in the video are from Topps. I opened them both because one package would be for the (2) cards we were shorted in the group break and then the other package would be for the (3) cards I was shorted from my personal boxes I bought a few days later. I was afraid they'd show up at the same time, thus I did the video so everyone could see I didn't keep the best autos for myself. After that, are three trade packages... from Dustin over at No Relics Pulled... then Donald, a fellow I met through and then finally, Bill Boehm over at Thorzul Will Rule. I mumbled and bumbled my way through the ending, but hopefully you all enjoy the video... lots of new trade bait for you collectors out there as well!!!

Congrats to the two of you who received the "replacement" cards provided by Topps... Brian from Play at the Plate and Dennis from Pictures of Men.

I will also mention at this time that I need only 3 more people for the next group break: a break of a CASE of 2006 Ovation! LOTS of hits, lots of Rookies and lots of inserts! Only $30 gets you two teams worth of cards!


  1. Whoa. Another Cecil auto. Cool!
    Thanks for posting the vid Sam.

  2. Great pick up on the Castro GQ auto, I just got mine in from eBay. Jealous of the Biggio quad, great job on that one. Thanks for showing your mailday today!

  3. Awesome! What a way to celebrate Nelly coming back and hitting a homer today...finding out about the auto. Thanks! I'm glad you got an Astro auto.