Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More and more trades... and a sweet purchase...

Well, I'll make this short and sweet! It's been a busy couple of mail days... First of all I'll show off two cards that I had Mike from Bad Wax put together for me... freakin' sweet... the Scott will be my first attempt at TTM since I was a kid. Thanks Mike!!!!
Next up are two cards from a recent trade with Larry over at Sewing Machine Guy. I sent him a slew of Heritage and a Torri Hunter relic card. In return I got these two beauts... and let me tell ya, that Chris Johnson card is all kinds of shiny and just plain awesome! Thanks Larry!!!! (By the way, your opinion about the "bonus packs" in blasters is shared by this Dimwit, I'll never understand it...).
Finally, over on Shot Not Taken Ray put together a bunch of trade bait lists, most notably one of some Hollywood memorabilia cards. My wife collects the Hollywood stuff so if any of you out there have anything to trade, let me know! We put together a bit of a mega deal, with me receiving 3 Hollywood cards for my wife, a Jay Austin auto (boy does he need to practice his signature) and a couple of Minnesota Twins trade bait cards. Rhubarb Runner are you reading?!?!?! Check it out!!!
I also got an ebay package in with 7 bronze Gypsy Queen cards. I debated quite a bit about what I'd do about additional cards that I purchased myself, and how it would affect the contest. Finally I decided that they wouldn't have any bearing on the giveaway at all. For all the cards that I get from you readers, you'll get an entry fair and square. For cards I purchase myself, that's just my fault for buying them and not being patient! I think I'm near the halfway point although I haven't really counted them in a while. If anyone has traded some to me and you don't see your name or correct count number in the tally list, please let me know and I'll review my records; please note that I won't post your name or quantity until I have the cards in hand. And come on people, there are great prizes up for grabs!!!!! I'll trade for the bronze borders so you will not only have the chance to win, but you'll get value back as well!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. You know I got a the same Jay Austin card. I think he just didn't notice where the sticker was when he was signing it.

  2. Great looking Chris Johnson auto.

  3. Oh, I do have some cool Hollywood cardboard action I can add to your trade package. Will email at some vague, undefined date in the near future.