Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lookie what I found on my way home from work...

I had to stop by my local card shop to grab some pages for my binders... and well I just so happened to find a few packs of Gypsy Queen at the local card shop and I couldn't resist... here are a couple of highlights... two "hits" out of three packs...
Yep, that's a "leather" Mickey Mantle #'ed 10/10. I've put it up on eBay but if there are any bloggers out there who want to make an offer for it, I can take it down as long as it hasn't sold.

This card is another one in my long history of pulling not only just Dodger cards, but also Matt Kemp cards. Of course, this one is for trade. Have a great day!


  1. Oh, you know I'll deal for that Kemp. I'll find you something good sir, if you wouldn't mind setting it aside for me!

  2. That's some serious good luck you have picking packs. Perhaps I should send you to pick out some packs for me in the near future!

  3. I hope that Mick brings you some payola.