Friday, May 13, 2011

It's trade time... Mail Day and some trade bait!

I've got three mega deals to show off, then some mega bait!!! Without further ado...

First up is Michael from Nomo's Sushi Platter... this is our first deal but hopefully not our last! I sent him some Gypsy Queen Dodgers and a Brett Butler cut auto. In return he sent me a slew of Astros base cards and then this thing of beauty:
That's going in my Astros collection even though it lists him as a Phillie. A sweet printing plate, it'll look nice next to my 2010 A&G Lance Berkman black printing plate! Thanks Michael.

Onward (I know you're only here for the trade bait, but I'll get to that, don't make me put in a jump break!!!) next we have another great trade from Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping. Coincidentally, I just noticed that he had the nerve to go and get married on the exact same date as my wife and I did last year!!!! Haha! Congrats, I now have a blogger AND wedding-anniversary-sharing friend... oh ain't life grand! Especially when cards like these come in the mail:
This is the second trade we've pulled off, and we're working on a third as he persistently attempts to pull the Rickey Henderson card from my collection! Can't wait to post that trade as well!

The third and final trade is with my good buddy David (aka Rhubarb Runner) who's blog title name is unpronounceable and thus I won't try to type it. I think it's Latin for "I SEND AWESOME TRADE PACKAGES" but I cannot confirm that as I only really know English... back to the cards... months ago David teased me by sending the redemption card he pulled for a 2010 Bowman Platinum Chris Johnson auto/relic. Well, after months of waiting, I got it!!!! Along with some other Gypsy Queen needs and some more UD 20th Anniversary Cards in exchange for some more Twins goodness sent his way! Thanks David!
That brings my Gypsy Queen 1-300 base needs down to 2 cards! Woo-hoo!!!

Alright alright, you people want trade bait, well here you go, not everyone at once now...

The local card shop had a big bin of game-used and autos marked 50% off so I delved in and spent my weekly $20 on these three plus a couple for my personal collection. The Dawson is pretty sweet if I say so myself! The Perry I got mainly because of those powder blue uniforms Texas used to have and I just KNOW someone is going to be all over that Fielder/Pujols combo!

Have a great weekend everyone! Looks like lots of yard work for me, as we finally got some rain!

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