Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I got hooked on Gypsy Queen...

After the group break last week, I was solidly hooked on Gypsy Queen. I wanted more... I know, I sound like an addict... I have admitted this... well, three boxes later I'm left with nearly a complete set and a nice stack of hits... I don't have video, because the shop owner wanted to watch and see what I got, so I opened them all there at the shop and he hooked me up with a bunch of supplies for spending so much money... So, first of all, let's go with the mini's:
The top scan shows the front of course... the Gonzalez and Bard are "leather" print cards #'ed out of /10. Then the Victor Martinez is sepia toned #'ed out of /99. Then there is the sweet 1/1 Print plate. I REALLY love the way they did the printing plates this year, they are very nice looking with the borders overlaid on the plate. Finally the bottom row are the "hobby exclusive" variant minis from the mini-boxes. Again, pretty nice. Next up is the bronze border parallels (needless to say I had much better luck with these than in the group break):
I'm a bit confused after going and looking at the sell sheet (which we know that Topps liberally deviated from). If you have any to trade, let me know. Since they do only go to card #100, I want to complete the entire set. For those in my break who got multiple cards of the same player, I'm definitely interested in trading for those duplicates. Finally, we have the hits which also turned out rather well for me:
Needless to say, much better than the group break. As for the relics, 3 HOF'ers and an MVP are nice, then the redemption auto for Frank Robinson to top it off. Cashner seemed to have signed about 10,000 of these cards because I've seen them pop up everywhere, including the group break. Neftali and Nolasco are solid auto's. Of course with only 9 hits in three boxes, I was short 3 hits, so I have mailed those UPC's off as well for redemption from Topps. We'll see how this goes. All hits and mini's are up for trade. I have a bunch of red-back mini's, and of course 9 mini's of the "insert" sets available as well. Not to mention that I have a BUNCH of duplicates at this point for trade of the base and (3) SP's for trade as well.

I'm a total of 36 SP's and 22 base cards from set completion, so if there is anyone out there looking to make a swap to clear out each other's needs, let me know.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Send me your need list for the base, I've also opened three boxes and have a lot of extra base cards. I need about 18 base for the set so maybe we can help each other out there.

    I'm also would love to get that Henderson from you, if you'll hold it for me I'll see what I can dig up.

  2. TDD—

    I would love to land as many minis as possible and the Youk relic as well. I think I can fill in some of your A&G needs and am sure I can find a bunch of Astros. I believe I have a couple Berkman relics.

    Please drop me a line!

  3. Hey, after helping out these set guys, please reserve your Twins players. Danke!

  4. I also have your 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #84, Jason Varitek!

  5. I'd love to stake a claim on the /99 mini and one of the /10 minis (doesn't matter who). I've got a couple Astros GU jerseys to unload, and probably a couple other cards.

  6. I love the set as well, I just can't spend that much on it right now.

  7. I like the Neftali Fleiz auto card. I would be willing to trade for it. I dont know how much I have to trade for though.


  8. vio789, shoot me an e-mail with anything you might have to offer...

  9. Hey never mind about a trade because I need to organize my cards and I am twelve years old.