Monday, May 30, 2011


Alright everyone, I ordered the case last night and it will ship on Tuesday, so hopefully this weekend I can start busting boxes and posting youtube videos! I'll probably do a box per video per post, and include scans of the hits if I can get that organized! So, from now until the first video is posted, you are free to trade your second teams, just have both people comment on this post that you want to trade... here's the randomization of the remaining 15 teams... I apologize for the HORRID camera work, I was doing it blind and I apparently didn't get the entire screen like I thought I had...

Colbey - Tampa - Braves
Lonestarr - Toronto - Boston
Matt P. - Milwaukee - Cubs (Traded Arizona for Milwuakee with Longlivethewho)
Ryan G. - Baltimore - Reds
David H. - Dodgers - Indians
Hiflew - A's - Rockies (Traded Angels for A's with The Dimwit)
Mu - Chicago White Sox - Marlins
The Dimwit - Angels - Astros - (Traded A's for Angels with Hiflew)
BA Benny - Minnesota - Mets
Longlivethewho - Arizona - Yankees (Traded Milwaukee for Arizona with Matt P.)
Dawgbones – San Diego - Phillies
Jay/Mojo - Pittsburgh - Giants
Chris - Kansas City - Mariners
Kirk Jacobson - Washington - Cardinals
Napkin Doon - Detroit - Rangers

Just in case you all want to see the actual page, here's a screenshot, sorry about that:

There you go everyone. I definitely don't mind trading the A's if anyone wants them! If anyone has a problem finding someone else's e-mail for trade discussions, let me know and I might be able to help! Can't wait to start busting packs!


  1. Since I already got the Angels in your last break. Will you trade the A's for them?

  2. Done! Thanks Hiflew! Didn't realize you got the same team as last break, you have the A's now and I'll take the Angels.

  3. Anybody interested in the Padres?

  4. Dimwit are you willing to move the Angels again>

  5. And if not, Mu, are you looking to move the Marlins?

    Thanks guys.

  6. Don't think I want the Brewers, sorry man. The Marlin's were MU's first selection, so I don't think he'll want to move them but that's just my opinion!

  7. Oh, didn't know that, that's alright. If anyone wants the Brewers, they are up for trade!

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  9. I'll trade the DBacks for Brewers, if you're interested.

  10. I seem to be hurting for Dodgers, so would you be up for trading them for Blue Jays, David?