Friday, May 6, 2011


Wow, alright everyone... I spend a large part of my morning putting a Google spreadsheet together with my 2011 "FOR TRADE" Gypsy Queen checklist.

I updated my "want list" on the side bar with the cards that I got from the card shop yesterday as well as from trades that I'm expecting in the mail within a day or two. Amazingly I'm down to just 5 base cards needed!!! One of which is Nolan Ryan's Rangers base card, which Brian over at Play At The Plate is sending back to me from the group break (because he got duplicates and he's awesome like that), so once I get that I really only have 4 base cards left! Woo hoo!!!! Additionally, in looking through my cards I realized I wasn't too far from completing all three of the insert sets (Home Run Heroes, Future Stars and Great Ones) so I went ahead and added those to the want list as well.


Alright, so that leaves me with the following plea and contest... I am trying to put together the bronze border 100 card set numbered to 999 per card. I currently have 20, so I'm 1/5 of the way there... plus Brian is sending back a Ryan bronze border duplicate as well, so that'll be 21. There is a need list on the side bar, actually more of a "this is what I have" list but you get the point. I will trade for these cards and be more than fair with the trades, as you can see from my "For Trade" spreadsheet, I have plenty of cards to send from this set! However, I am also going to run a contest "Nachos Grande" style. Chris, I hope you don't mind me stealing your concept a bit... it's a great idea and I'm standing on the shoulders of a giant in running my contest this way...

Just like his contest, each card you trade or send my way will get you an entry into the contest. Once my 100 card set is complete, I will be giving away 3 prizes.

Third Prize will be a jersey/auto card from your favorite team that  I have in my collection. If I don't have a card from your team, I'll go out and get one for you. 

Second Prize will be this card:
And finally, the GRAND PRIZE... a card I pulled a few weeks ago and tried to sell on eBay but got no offers surprisingly... Certainly it should draw some interest here:
Well, hopefully that is enough to entice some trade offers on the bronze border cards! I will trade for each and every one of these you have, but of course if you just feel like sending me some of these merely for the contest entry, I'm totally OK with that. Please let me know what you're sending ahead of time so I can update my want list accordingly! With the one Brian is sending me from his group break duplicates, that's 1 entry! Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping has two in the mail headed my way in a trade, so he unknowingly gets 2 entries! I'll get a sidebar tally going after I post this. Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. I can send you one of my 8 #8 Troy Tulowitzki that I accumulated over the two GQ breaks I was in.

    I also have a dupe of Dexter Fowler SP (I think 320). I would love pick up one of the 2 Heritage SPs I need if you have them. 429 Tim Lincecum or 434 Carlos Ruiz.

  2. Oh yeah left off something.

    If you don't have either of those. The two Carlos Gonzalez minis (red back and black) will work.

  3. I just opened a blaster and I think I got a Duke Snider bronze border you can have.

  4. I have bronze /999 #13 Votto for you.

  5. Put me down for two more entries. I'll send one of those Kemps and Kershaws that you kept pulling. I will send it all together after I post on it this week.

  6. #92 Mariano Rivera all yours if you still need it. Also have SP #303 Johnny Mize if you want him too.