Monday, April 4, 2011

Trade Post and Gypsy Queen Group Break Update!

Hey everyone, I have a trade to show off... this is from Johnny over at Cards from the Quarry. He had his eyes on a Brad Hawpe jersey relic card in my trade bait for a while, and was able to come up with this absolute beauty of a card!
This is my first Mike Scott relic card, and this is only one of two that I'm aware of! The other one is a relic card from the celebrity softball game held at Minute Maid Park during the All-Star festivities a few years ago. So, this is the only actual MLB game-used jersey card from Mike Scott, so add in that it's all chromed out and it is impressive in the binder! Thanks Johnny!

Alright, I am going to close the group break this Friday the 8th! I still have 3 teams available: D'backs &White Sox!!!!!. If you want either of these teams, they are only $10 each, but if that's too much feel free to make me a reasonable offer (please be reasonable) and if someone wants to make an offer for both teams, please do so! I'd love to get these all closed out and not be left with a bunch of cards from teams I don't collect! All payment is due by this Friday for anyone who hasn't paid. ***UPDATE: I heard from Schwang17 and his payment is on the way.***

Here's the plan, once I close the break and all money is collected, I'll put aside an estimated amount for shipping and for the two boxes, then any excess will be used for buying additional packs, blasters or a box if there is enough. I plan to make absolutely ZERO PROFIT off of this break. I did not build in any profit and fully intended all along to use any excess specifically for extra packs/blasters/box for the break. I will pay for the boxes on the 16th of April. I'm going on a vacation the 17th-24th, will pick up the boxes on the 25th and break them that afternoon/evening! I need to get the money collected by this Friday in order to get the money transferred and withdrawn from my bank account in time to start buying! If anyone knows of people who might be interested in the remaining teams, please get them in contact with me! Thanks everyone!


  1. Love that Mike Scott card.

  2. Yea, I was totally pumped when I finally saw it, it is a very nice looking card. I may have to buy a box of Topps Pristine at some point. Very nice looking set!

  3. As much as I can't stand Mr. ball scuffer Scott I have to say that is a sharp card. Nice score.

  4. If the Rays open up, let me know. I'll get in on that team if it becomes available.

  5. BA Benny, THERE IS NO PROOF OF SCUFFING!!!! Hahaha...

    Matt, thanks for jumping in! I heard from him this evening and payment should be done tonight.

    4 other teams are out there... Remember everyone, there will be retro players, and some SWEET 1/1 Sketch/Relic cards available...

  6. I will take the Padres. How would you like payment made?