Friday, April 29, 2011

Local Card Shop Pick-Ups

I stopped by one of my local card shops today, Sports Collectibles of Houston and picked up a bunch of cards. Mainly autographs but also a couple of other cards as well... check them out!
Ok, so first if all we have a autographed 1962 Bobby Shantz Colt 45's card, then an autograph Milo Hamilton card (legendary announcer for the Astros, called Hank Aaron's record breaking homer), J.R. Richard auto (oh if he hadn't had the stroke, the Astros would have challenged for the playoffs with a rotation of Nolan, Niekro, Richard, et. al.) and J.R. Towles serial auto. Nice additions to my Astros auto group. Next up is the Enos Slaughter auto postcard, always awesome to pick up a reasonably priced HOF auto. If anyone is interested, the store has several more of these so e-mail me and I can pick one up for you and mail it to you for $10 shipped. Finally, a bit of trade bait for Rhubarb_Runner! Hope he needs this one, Kirby Puckett 2002 Topps Archives Reserve Best Years game used jersey card (hint of a pinstripe vertically on the far right). David, let me know if you're interested!

Next up:
Two more HOF'ers in Yount and Carlton for my 1978 set chase. And a Gino Cimoli 1963 base card. I got his cut signature in my Tri City Sports PL box breaks and I wanted to get one of his cards, lucky for me it was in the $0.50 box. He passed away this February, so I am glad I now have his auto and a card to put next to it.

Finally I bought a couple of packs of Heritage (although I hate having a stack of them now... but they were cheap and I got a hit!):
Definitely available for trade!

18 of the Gypsy Break packages went out today. I am waiting for addresses from Rod (Padres) and Colin (Mariners). I'll shoot them another e-mail but if any of you converse with them regularly, let them know I'm needing their addresses!

Speaking of Gypsy Queen... I wasn't going to buy any more, but after doing the group break... I'm HOOKED... must have more... so be prepared for something next week as I look to buy some more!!! I want the complete set!!!!

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