Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let's have a standing ovation for... Ovation... 2006 that is... BOX #2 of the BREAK!

Here's the second box... we'll have something like 2 hits, 6 inserts and 2 parallels in this box... if my chicken scratch record keeping is correct...

Let me apologize ahead of time: I kind of poo-poo'ed one of the hits because it wasn't a player I was familiar with, but I am sure the person who got it will be excited, so to that person I hope my disappointment doesn't sour your hit! Hopefully you all will understand what I mean, I felt bad about it as soon as I stopped recording... anyways, here you go, one box of 2006 Ovation!

There is an insert in there from the World Baseball Classic... I kind of asked for input, I had said cards without a team would be randomized off, if anyone has an opinion on whether this card should be randomized or given to the team which that player was on that year, please let me know. As of now I'll random it because I said I would. But I'm conflicted...

Artifacts box video tomorrow!


  1. I am saying this before watching the video and seeing the player. I would say if it is a MLB player then it should go to the team. If it is a foreign player not under contract then it should be randomed.

  2. Great looking cards. Congrats on the Oswalt hit. I would say random the Bay but I wouldn't be opposed to giving it to the Pirates since they only got 1 card from the box.

  3. I agree - give it to the Steel City.

  4. Well I really want to say random the Bay since I like anything with a Canadian flag on it but the truth is that if it were a player on the A's I'd probably want the card, so I'd vote for giving it to the Pirates.

  5. Bay should go to the Pirates. Glad to see a Smoltz and Chipper in the box...even if they are base cards.