Monday, April 11, 2011

Group Break Update

Well, turns out that the release date for Gypsy Queen apparently got pushed back to the 27th, so it looks like it'll be at least then before I get to bust those two boxes. However, the first three boxes of the break should arrive here at the Dimwit abode tomorrow or Wednesday... so I will probably do a box per day through the end of the week. I'll do a running tabulation of cards for each team throughout the break!

I did want to reiterate that any cards with multiple teams will be randomized among the teams listed on the card. Additionally, I know sometimes Upper Deck had a horrible habit of putting a team name on the card and then have the player's picture in a different uniform. For this break, we will be using the team name shown on the face of the card, regardless of what picture is used. Additionally, for the Gypsy Queen break any cards that are non-baseball related will be randomized off amongst all participants. If there are multiple cards of this sort then they will be distributed by means of the randomized list order. All randomizations will be videoed as well as screen captured. Any cards from teams that have moved will go to the city/team that the team moved (example, all Expos cards pulled will go to the Nationals).

Hope everyone had a great Monday!


  1. Sweeeeeeeet, time to start refreshing this blog obsessively for the next three days.

  2. Not that it matters, but what box is up first?