Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Final Two Teams in Group Break!!!! Get a STEAL OF A DEAL!

Alright, I'll make the offer to anyone who wants the White Sox AND D'Backs. If you claim both teams, you can have them for $16. Or of course if you want one of them, $10 each...

I'm currently awaiting payment from Johnny and Schwang17, both of which should have payment sent by Friday. I should be in good shape to secure the boxes and bonus cards by next weekend. At this point, I'm going to ask any and all participants to leave a comment with ideas or requests for the bonus box and/or product in the range of $50-$60. Would you prefer a few blasters, rack packs, loose packs and/or a few "hot packs"? Or would you like a full box of unopened product?

Feel free to put in your requests in the comments and thanks to everyone who is participating!!! I CANNOT WAIT to get these boxes in hand. Also, does anyone have a suggestion for LIVE broadcasting of the break? I have a USTREAM account, but I know the ads can be annoying. Let me know what you think or if you wouldn't mind if I just recorded the break and put it up on YouTube as with my normal break videos. If I do it that way, I can record it in better picture quality with my camcorder as opposed to the webcam. Let me know what you think!

****UPDATE: The last two teams have been claimed, we have a full break!!!!! I will definitely be getting a full hobby or maybe a couple retail boxes depending on what you all vote on. Thanks for all those participating!!!!****


  1. I would prefer the full unopened box. Sure some teams can get really lucky with a bunch of loose packs, but you could just as easily get shut out.

    Here is my suggestion for a box

  2. masterpieces for the extra box!

    I like ustream, and the ads never bother me, so that would be my vote.

  3. I'll take the last two teams for $16. I'd suggest a couple retail boxes as the bonus, that will boost the # of cards per team a little but still be relevant.

  4. I am a big fan of the 08 UD Heroes if you can find one cheap enough. A Piece of Histoy or Masterpieces are always fun too. I say go with video for better quality and trying to coordinate this many people for a live cant be easy. Just my 2 cents.