Monday, April 25, 2011

The Dimwit is back...

Vacation was great... 7 day cruise through the Caribbean with stops in Honduras, Belize and Cozumel. I will tell you now, Honduras (specifically Roatan Island) sucks big time. Was not a fan. The tour guide pointed to a rusted out metal boat laying in the harbor and tried to tell me it has been there since the 1650's. I wanted to kick her in the face with a nice round house and tell her to shut her face, but the wife was there so I just laughed in her face and kept looking around at the rest of the island. Still can't figure out why Royal Caribbean (or any cruise line) decided to make it a port-of-call. Maybe we missed the good part.

Belize was nice, we zip lined through the tree canopies and got to walk around a bit. Got a cheap bottle of Captain Morgan Private Stock rum which will make for some nice Rum & Cokes to get me through the Astro games this season... Cozumel lived up to its reputation. A catamaran trip with snorkeling, kayaking and a private white beach was just what the doctor ordered.

Finally the last night of the trip, my wife and I sat down at 10:45pm with $160 bucks at the Three Card Poker table and walked away at 1:00am with $500. Sorry folks, but that will not be "bonus break money" but rather "supplement the personal collection" money. I've got my eyes on a decent condition Nolan Ryan rookie card and I want it!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!! MY PRECIOUS!!!!!! Ok, I'll settle down now...

I should be picking up the Gypsy Queen boxes tomorrow provided my LCS has received their shipment. Thanks in advance to Houston Sports Connection for the boxes, I will of course pimp them to the brink of annoyance during the break, but you Houston area people need to get over there and shake hands with Howard. He give great deals to honest collectors and people who aren't looking to screw him over. He knows you can get better deals online, but will make the best deal he can within reason to get you the cards you want. I think he has an eBay store, but I don't have a link to it as of yet. I'll see if I can get that info from him so you all can take a look at what he's got posted.

Have a great week everyone... hope to have a video or two up soon!


  1. Cozumel is my favorite place on earth. At least, so far. I stopped there on a cruise a couple years ago and decided to go there on vacation the next year. The week there was way better than the whole cruise by far and actually cost about the same.

  2. Welcome back Sam, glad you enjoyed the trip.

    Can't wait for the break!

  3. Sounds like a great trip! Welcome back.

  4. I loved our stop over in Roatan. True it doesn't look like your average cruise port in any way shape or form, but it has it's own unique charm. One of the local's children "befriended" us near the port and proceeded to take us on a tour of his town. It was much better than a traditional guided tour and all it cost us was a pack of Juicy Fruit the kid had been eying the entire time!

    Anyhow, welcome back. Can't wait for the Gypsy fun to start.