Thursday, April 14, 2011

And here's the thrid box! 2006 Artifacts... got some nice hits...

We've come to the end of the pre-Gypsy Queen portion of our break (or have we?!?!?!?) and I want to send out a BIG thanks to the guys at Atlanta Sports Cards for all of their help and the discounts on these boxes. You've got 4 hits to look out for here in this video and again they all went to different teams. Unfortunately this box missed some teams, but that was expected with only 10 packs at 4 cards per pack! Enjoy! I'll get the grand totals thrown up on the side bar this afternoon!

Another big thanks to my wife as well for putting together the credits at the end. I'd have never figured it out, and was in fact about to start kicking something when she intervened to help.

I might squeeze a post in on Saturday, but I'll be on vacation starting Sunday, so you won't hear much from me until the 25th at least! Hope everyone enjoyed the cards from these 3 boxes!


  1. Another great box. Have a great vacation, I'll be checking back in around the 27th.

  2. Great box! My luck has been great lately, I've gotten hits in the last 4 breaks I have been in. Thanks a bunch, have a great vacation.