Saturday, March 19, 2011

Went to the monthly local card show...

Well, I took my binder of trade-able "hits" to the local monthly card show at the Ramada Inn conference room today... and I think I made out pretty well considering all I did was trade one card away and spent $6 total for all of the following cards...
The scans don't do all the cards justice. But here's what happened, I traded for the two Pence cards, the Mier auto, Sweater swatch from "Capote" and 3 "hot packs" of 2011 baseball (thus the Baumgartner 53/100 - 1:5,200 packs card, Carter & Rollins cards. In exchange, the dealer I traded with got my "X-Ray" printing plate card I had never even gotten an offer on, and then I spent $6 on the "Black Snake Moan" and Jim Wynn card. My wife collects the Hollywood memorabilia so the Black Snake Moan and Capote cards fit in her collection. That Triple Threads card of Pence is just sweeeeeet if you ask me: auto, jersey, bat and lettering from the uniform. It doesn't scan well, but on the first white pen-striped piece of jersey, the white is actually considerably dirty. It's my first ever game-used jersey that actually has the dirt on it to attest that it was actually used in a game! It's awesome. Needless to say it was a great trip to the local card show for me!

Additionally, in the three "hot packs" of Topps 2011, I also go 2 more Diamond bling bling cards, Kerry Wood and Jered Weaver. I am going to throw these two cards in with the cards from Five Card Friday, so whoever claims the stack will get a total of 7 cards with 3 being diamond bling bling cards! Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!


  1. Great pickups for a good price.

  2. Yea, I was a little reluctant to see the printing plate go, but I think I got a pretty good return on it. It's a very odd card and it was going to be tough to find someone who was willing to give me a lot in return for it. This dealer specializes in hits and pulls, so I think he'll be able to find a collector for it. I think I got some great Astros mojo in return and I definitely LOVE that Pence Triple Threads card.

  3. Ahhh dude! I''m an Astros fan too and I need those Pences. I'll trade you some of my other Astros stuff if there are players you like more than me

  4. That Gary Carter card is awesome... if you're ever interested in trading it... let me know. I'd love to add it to my Expos PC.