Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recent eBay WINNINGS!

Much to the shag-grin of the Hotwit, I have several posts like this coming soon... I went on a bit of a binge at the bay of e... so I am cutting myself off from the addiction before the intervention is scheduled... but until then, you get to partake of my loot! A bunch of CHEAP on card Astros autos...
Terry Puhl, greatest Canadian Astro; Larry Dierker - great pitcher and manager, a big fan fav and a vintage card!; Bob Watson - former player, GM and MLB Executive; Joe Sambito - well, he's Joe Sambito; Danny Darwin - Dr. Death himself; Bob Lillis - unremarkable Astros manager; Denny Walling - great utility guy; Rob Andrews - don't know much about him; and Bill Virdon - legend and Astros manager, my second auto of his from eBay. Finally, there is the auto I've wanted for a while and wasn't too far from TTM'ing when I found the auction and won it for $0.01 + $2.00 shipping!
That's right, Mr. No-Hitter-To-Clinch-The-Division 1986 himself (I was at that game and reportedly was asleep through most of the ending, at least that's what my parent have told me). I have the game recorded as well, what a game and what a pitcher. The Mets were afraid to face him in the NLCS and cowardly won the series in game 6 to avoid facing him again because they knew they'd lose. If only it went to game 7, then it would have been Kevin Bass hitting a dribbler through Buckner's legs to score Denny Walling. Ok, I've managed to raise the ire of both Mets and Red Sox fans in this post, I think I'll be leaving now...

But before I go, check out a couple of contests. The first is over at Tomahawk Chopping and the other is over at Ben's site Baseball Cards Rule! Check out those two great blogs and enter for yourself... or don't and give me better odds at winning it myself!


  1. Sweet auto's dude.

  2. WINNING! You are a warrior with tiger's blood for WINNING this stuff.