Monday, March 28, 2011

Massive Monday Mailday!

Alright, it was a crazy day with the mail today, got lots of great packages in. First of all, I got a 2007 UD Masterpieces box loader Victor Martinez 5x7 that I bought off eBay. At this point, the only one I need is Lou Gehrig to complete the 20 card set. SWEEEET....

First up is a trade with Mr. Fuji over at The Chronicles of Fuji. This is the most massive relic/auto trade I've done to date. A total of six cards went his way, and seven (plus a Mr. Fuji card!) came back my way... see the loot:
That Berkman refractor is numbered 001/350! My first "first" card from a series like that... An amazing trade, I think I wiped him out of almost all his Astros "hits", but we both agree that this was a great trade! We both feel like we ended up with the best cards from the trade! Thanks Fuji!

Next I have a trade with Cam over at The Bullpen Cardboard. He's a fellow Astros fan, and while he coveted my Hunter Pence Triple Threads, I was able to send him a few cards in exchange for these two Bagwell beauts:
Unfortunately for me, I don't have very many Bagwell autos or relics, so these are very welcome additions! Thanks Cam!

Alright, now I have a contest winning from AJ over at The Lost Collector who ran a cool little contest for the Big East Tournament. I somehow ended up winning this Alonzo Mourning card:
Thanks for the contest AJ, I really do appreciate it! If anyone is interested in this card, I'm open to offers since I don't really collect much in terms of basketball.

Finally, we have the cards I received from the Topps Wrapper redemption. I'll say now that there's no surprises, I did not get an auto. There are only 9 cards in the picture because that's all that would fit on the scanner. The 10th card is Adam Jones of the Orioles. If anyone is interested in these, please shoot me an e-mail as they are all up for trade! I would be interested in any Astros cards from the wrapper redemption for sure!!!

Thanks for reading everyone!


  1. If that Carlos Gonzalez found its way into my trade package I would not complain a bit. If you have already sent it out, then could you hold it for our next trade please.

  2. Sweet Astros cards.

  3. Save the Mauer, please?

  4. Thanks again for the trade! I'll keep you posted if I get any new Astros stuff.