Saturday, March 19, 2011

Contest Winnings from Bad Wax

Recently I went head to head with Mike over at Bad Wax in a Battle of Crap. My cards won by a handy margin and well, about 2 weeks ago I got the cards in the mail, and since then I've failed to make a post about it. I ran across the cards under a pile of others on my desk today and figured I needed to get these posted ASAP! Here you go, my winnings from the Battle of Crap (Mike's crap...)
Wait, you may be wondering what a Tris Speaker card is doing in the winnings... well, the original card included in the battle was a Kwame Brown jersey card, and since I don't really collect basketball I told Mike he could keep it. He was kind enough to include this Tris Speaker Bad Wax Custom Card and how SWEEEEEET it is! It is a relica signature, but it is still an awesome card. I LOVE what Mike does over there at Bad Wax in creating his custom cards and cut signatures. Hopefully this is the first of many cards of his that find their way into my collection. This one's a keeper! As for the other cards, as crap-tas-tic as they are, each is available for trade if they mean more to you than me (which wouldn't take much! HAHA!). Thanks for reading! Also, keep in mind you still have time to claim the Five Card Friday cards!!!!

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