Sunday, March 6, 2011

The apocalypse is upon us... and a contest is nearly over...

I did the one thing I thought I'd never do, what I didn't want to do, but over time finally decided that enough was enough and decided to join the world of twitter. So if you have any interest in getting my one or two weekly tweets then here you go, follow me @thedimwit. Set your expectations ridiculously low on this one everybody, I'm not the next Charlie Sheen.

Alright, the big contest for $35 dollars ends tonight, get your entries in! I went and got some stuff for the prize winners 2-5 yesterday. Thanks for everyone who has already participated!

Finally, about a week ago I switched the domain name from the "blogspot" format to just I've been meaning to say this in case it's messed anyone up trying to reach the blog, but it should re-direct you automatically. Have a great day everyone!

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