Saturday, February 12, 2011

TRADE POST!!!!! Phungo and Dayf: Come on down! You're the next contestants!

Alright, so this really isn't a game show or competition, but I'm always a sucker for the Price Is Right... So I got two trade packages in the mail, one from David over at dayf at Cardboard Junkie; I'd seen his name all over the place and was finally able to work out a trade with him after my two Topps 2011 blasters yielded me some shiny-ness. I sent them his way and in return I got a bunch of cards from my want lists including THE HAWK's second year card, in total 19 cards scratched from various needs list (including getting my 2010 Series 1 list down to 1 card! 1 CARD PEOPLE, HELP A DIMWIT OUT!!!!!):
Next we have Paul, A.K.A. Phungo! I got my first ever pack of the rare Phungo cards. I was very excited to open the pack and find these treasures:
Sorry about the sideways Berkman down there, but that's the only way I could fit him in with all the other awesomeness going on. The Bourn, Boon and Schilling are great because they  are all former/current Astros. The Golic is great because I listen to his morning show every day on the way to work. The fact that this pack is loaded with Astros makes me wonder a bit about Phungo's collation, but by all means I'm not complaining... just glad I didn't end up with a pack of Cardinals or Cubs... Haha, thanks Phungo... also, he sent me along a few hits in exchange for the few autos I was able to send his way. I saw the Castro as his card of the month and sent him an email to work out the details... it turned into a much bigger trade! Thanks again Paul!
I really like the look of the Bowman Sterling, especially since at it's price point I probably will never buy it! The Carlos Lee auto is the first of his that I have and since he's now stealing millions from the Astros on the backend of his contract, I guess it's about time I add him to my collection.

Thanks for the trades guys, and if anyone would like to wheel and deal, I'm always up for taking in any lonely Astros cards you have in exchange for whatever team/player you collect!

I'm sure some of you may have noticed a new sponsor added to my blog. I have a package of goodies coming my way from them, and as soon as I get them I will be doing a review. Additionally those who trade with me will be getting an extra prize in/on their packages... more details to come! Have a great weekend!

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