Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trade post and eBay pick-up!

Alright, I owed Chris over at MadduxGlavineSmoltz some Allen & Ginter and before I had those in the mail, he contacted me regarding my Trade Bait post... he offered me the following cards for a couple of Smotlz jersey swatches and I put it all together with the A&G I owed him! Here's the loot!

Great cards, a Berkman relic with a stripe in it and the 'roider's bat! Plus a few off my needs list, I can't complain. The Biggio metal disk/card/medallion thing is from 1990... pretty sweet, thanks Chris!

Next I have a few of the cards from a lot that I bought off eBay last week. I paid $0.50 for the lot of Mike Scott cards, including his RC with Jesse Orosco... it came with 3 of the 1981 cards, so if any Mets collector is interested in those, the extras are available! Here's the highlights!

Alright, I have an announcement about a couple of new weekly posts... first of all my "And now for something completely different..." is going to become a regular weekly post where I highlight a song, video, artist, something that I'm either watching, listening to or enjoy; just to bring a little culture into this dark underworld of baseball card collecting...

The other regularly occurring post will start this Friday and I will be calling it "Five Card Friday!". This will work a bit like Nachos Grande's Trade Stack but a bit different. Here's how it will work: I will pull 5 cards from my collection rather randomly from my collection and scan them in on Friday at some point during the day. The first person to offer me 1 card from my want list will get the cards. If no one has claimed them by Sunday at 11:59:59pm, then those 5 will be added to the next Five Card Friday. Will there be relics? Will there be autos? Will there be total crap?!?!?! You never know...

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