Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trade... eBay... and Topps Diamond Dig Loot...

I'm back and I got some mail today that I thought I'd share! First up is David from Cardboard Junkie who sent me the two Diamond Duos and the Lance Berkman jersey card in exchange for the Lou Berdette relic I pulled from 2011 Topps. In the top left corner is a card I bought off of eBay, a 1978 Topps Bill Virdon Auto. I've got another Bill Virdon Auto coming in the mail from another package I bought, so I think I remember there's a reader out there collecting all things Bill Virdon, if you're interested I'd be willing to trade one of the autos once I get them both in... finally at the bottom is my Verizon iPhone SkinIt skin that I got for free for finding 15 rings in the Topps Diamond Dig! Once I get my iPhone next month, this thing is going to look pretty flippin' sweet on it!

Well, that's all folks. This week I'm looking forward to a few things... 1) I've got a big trade package or two headed my way... 2) I've got a second retail box of 2008 Allen and Ginter that should be here by Friday... 3) I've got a slew of eBay auto purchases headed my way and 4) I've got a couple of ideas brewing for the blog that'll show up in posts later this week...

I did want to let those who responded know that I AM working on getting a podcast or some semblance of that put together. I've got a format kind of written out in my mind (I need to get it down on paper, I know!) but the next big step is buying some equipment and possibly some software. I'll update you as soon as I know something. Anyone who would like to help sponsor the podcast by helping with the purchase of said hardware and software, please e-mail me. I can offer plugs for your business and/or personal blog at the beginning and end of each recording.

I've got a e-mailer who lives here in Houston who has contacted me about buying a case of Gypsy Queen with a total of 5 slots available. Each slot would be 2 boxes, each slot at this point would be estimated to be around $200, hopefully less if we can find a cheaper case. We would find the cheapest case possible and then split it evenly and add some postage for those outside of Houston who will need their boxes to be mailed. The cheapest case I found with some preliminary research was $1,004.99 over at Blowout Cards. They may be cheaper elsewhere, and the price may drop leading up to release but we won't collect money until we have a firm price secured. I may also be able to find some cheaper cases here in the Houston area if I'm able to pay cash. Email me if interested. This way, one out of 5 of us will be guaranteed a Case Hit and this product is going to be full of hits with each box guaranteed 2 autos and 2 relics.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Have you ever used these guys? I have not personally but there price seems a little better. Something to check into at least.