Sunday, February 20, 2011


Alright everyone, it's time for my first real TRADE BAIT post where I just throw up some scans of hits that are up for trade! A very small few number of these cards are in various levels of being offered and/or already secured as part of a trade or something (the Fukodome jersey relic). So, just send me an email and I'll let you know if it's available or not...
We're all good here, if you want any of these, just offer...

The Joe Morgan auto is actually a dual auto, the other side is Bobby Doerr, it is a "1/1".

All of these are up for trade...

All of these as well...

(Sorry, everyone, I didn't intend to post the Clemens, short of a Nolan Ryan auto, it's not going anywhere! Sorry for the trade bait tease!!!!)

The Jacoby is not for trade... the Milky Way mini is no numbered, serialized 29/50 and the Felix Hernandez is from a Rip Card so it's an EXT mini #392.

These are all fair game except for the Fukodome, there are two printing plates in there...

All good to go... the Masterpieces again may be part of a pending trade, but I am not very confident of that going down, so offer away for them!

And finally, the only one here I'd be reluctant to trade is the Eddie Matthews.

There you go everyone, if you have any interest, I'm always after Nolan Ryan and current/former Astros. If anyone has a Berkman Bat relic from 2010 Allen and Ginter I'm definitely interested in that one as well! Thanks!


  1. Sam! Awesome stuff.

    I'm down to trade for the Clemens Auto, the Blake Smith USA jersey, and perhaps the Brett Butler Auto.

    I will find stuff for you! Already have a few items in mind haha.

  2. I'd be interested in your manupatch team logos. I'll send you an email with what I can send your way.

  3. Hey dude. I'm email you tonight with an offer for the two Smoltz cards.

  4. I think I need that Torii Hunter ginter relic - what's the card number on that? Shoot me an email if you wouldn't mind!

  5. The Rollie Manupatch and the Eddie Mattiews relic pls... Let me know what you want for them, thanks!!

  6. The X-Ray plate would be a fun addition to my collection. Let me find something for you.

  7. The two Smoltz cards have officially been traded.

    I will update these comments as cards are OFFICIALLY traded.

    Thanks everyone!

  8. I have a lot of 9 Nolan Ryan Topps cards (7 from 1990 and two are 88) listed on eBay right now. I'm learning that eBay isn't really a the best place to trade/sell cards that aren't from this decade LOL. Anyway check them out I've got a total of one bid at $.99 with free shipping and no reserve. I'm screwed LOL I'll be giving them away.

  9. Thanks for the heads up on that ebay auction, but to be honest I probably have a dozen of each of those already in my collection! Yay for junk wax! haha

  10. I'd be interested in the Figgins (and the Torii Hunter if it falls through). Add them to the Upper Deck X you pulled for me. I'll see what I can send you.

  11. The following items have been traded:
    Max Poser Auto
    Chone Figgins ICON
    Robbie Grossman Auto
    Peavy Masterpieces
    Dunn Masterpieces
    LaRoche A&G Relic

  12. What would it take for the printing plate of the skeleton hand from A&G and/or the other printing plate?

  13. musicfan87, shoot me an e-mail and we can discuss. I do value the printing plates quite a bit, but depending on what kind of mojo you have to offer, a deal can always be made!