Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Topps Diamond Giveaway Results and a TRADE!

Alright everyone, the results are in. I had 17 Topps Diamond Giveaway cards and redeemed them all today because I didn't feel like waiting around and probably losing them somewhere in my disorganized mess... so, here's the breakdown:

Junk wax and/or cards there's no way I'm PAYING to get delivered (1985-present):
Jose Valentin - 2007 - Mets
Damian Easley - 1995 - Angels
Mark Wohlers - 1994 - Braves
Melido Perez - 1993 - Yankees
Andy Benes - 1991 - Padres
CHECKLIST 4 - 1990 - What the hell TOPPS?!?!?! REALLY?!??!?!!?
Cal Ripkin - 1990 - Orioles
Pedro Guerrero - 1990 - Cardinals
Charlie Hough - 1989 - Rangers
Rafael Ramirez - 1986 - Braves
Jay Tibbs - 1986 - Reds
Cesar Cedeno - 1986 - Cardinals
I will trade all of the above cards for (1) Houston Astros or Nolan Ryan card from 1970's - let me know once trading opens if you have any interest. These cards anger me and if I had them in hand now, I'd take a lighter to each and every one of them... this was Topps basically giving me the middle finger... just sayin'...

Vintage Cards to be used to trade for similar year Astros cards:
Mac Scarce - 1975 - Phillies
Chris Arnold - 1974 - Giants
Ron Bloomberg - 1973 - Yankees
John O'Donoghue - 1967 - Reds

The GRANDDADDY of the entire pack of 17 redemption cards will not be traded except for another card of the same year:
Ken Holcombe - 1952 - Chicago White Sox - My first ever card from 1952.
So there you go... there's my haul of mostly crap cards from Topps... I understand it's a free giveaway, but Topps, do you not realize that 90% of the collectors participating have absolutely NO interest in late 80's, early 90's and 2000's cards? I guess I shouldn't complain too much but I really had higher hopes than 12 out of 17 being total crap cards. Maybe I can package them all for an Astros card I want. Maybe there is someone out there still collecting 1990's Topps checklists. Can't wait to use my "digs" to see what other crap Topps has in store for me...

Now onto some better news... TRADE package came in the mail today from Joe over at The Sandlot he recently posted some trade bait for 2011 Topps and I was able to pull out some inserts that I am chasing! So, without further ado, here are the cards I got! Thanks Joe!!!

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  1. Don't feel bad. We are All Daily Dimwits of one sort or another. I'm a Detroit Tigers and Lions fan.Need I say more. Astro's for Tigers ?