Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sponsor Post for CSN Stores!

Hey everyone see the video for what I got this time courtesy of CSN Stores, I guarantee it's a video you'll enjoy watching or your money back! Haha!


Shipping - It was free shipping, so I can't complain! It took a day longer than expected but that was due to cold weather and no fault of CSN Stores. Shipped with plenty of padding, in original shrink wrap. A+
Product - Came exactly as described and unadulterated. The price was EXTREMELY fair, even if I had paid full price, it was listed at around $65 per box, which I was very happy with. A+
Website - As with all my dealings with CSN Stores' websites this experience was simple, easy and quick! They provided a UPS Tracking number that was linked to the UPS Site for easy tracking. Communication regarding the order and shipment was excellent as always! A+

The only problem I had was that two cards in the product were mangled pretty badly (again, no fauly whatsoever with CSN Stores) because Topps' quality control measures aren't the greatest. It shouldn't be a problem replacing these two at some point, it was Ian Snell and Kelly Johnson so I'm not too terribly worried that I'll be out big money in replacing them. Overall I got 120 base cards toward the 350 card set, two relics and as this was a retail box I was guaranteed only 1, 12 base minis, 5 A&G backed minis, 1 Baseball Icons mini, 2 black bordered minis, 3 world leaders minis, 1 warrior king mini, 1 World's Greatest Victories insert, and 10 player/state inserts. Overall I'm very happy with the cards I got. If there are any people out there who want to trade for any of the inserts or relics, please let me know! Thanks again to for providing the sponsorship!


  1. Thanks for the break, I love watching anything ginter being opened

    I also plan on going back collecting this set (just not at the moment)

  2. Oh, and Dean Karnazes is an "ultramarathon" runner

  3. I would love this set if it didn't have all the non-baseball stuff in it. I will trade for the baseball cards but refuse to buy a box.

  4. Could you throw the Reese mini on my pile if it is still unclaimed?

  5. Set that Pee Wee Reese mini aside for me. Let me know as soon as you get a needs list together for the set. I've got a few duplicates I can dig through for you.

  6. Hey Matt, sorry it looks like Greg beat you by about an hour and a half on claiming the Reece. As for a want list, I'm probably going to get one posted today or tomorrow...