Sunday, February 13, 2011

Monday will be a mail day!!!

Hey guys, if you're name is in the list below, it means you've got mail that I'll be sending out in the morning...

Nathan H - Not sure of the blog, but he's my most recent contest winner! I think this is his blog at SWININ' A'S
Mark M - Not sure if he has a blog, but he found mine recently and he's a local Houstonian as well.

On the "local Houstonian" front. Mark and I have been exchanging emails regarding getting 3-4 guys together to go in on a cases of cards at a time, splitting up the hits, yada yada yada for major set releases (I'm thinking Allen and Ginter for sure this summer).

Anyways, what I personally would like to do is get 3-4 guys together here at my place, do a video of the break and highlight the hits. Each person would open their share of boxes, then the hits would be pooled and snake drafted (order determined by The case hit, if valuable enough, would be ebay-ed to recoup cost or negotiated/randomed if it's something like a rip card or something. Each person would keep all the base cards from the boxes they personally opened.

For a product like A&G, the mini's would be pooled and split evenly by type, rare mini's would enter the hit draft. Lots of details would have to be agreed to beforehand, but I think it could be worked out and everyone would have a chance to get the hits they want from the break and each would be in for about the same price as 2-3 boxes or less. If there are any Houston area readers who would be interested, send me an e-mail. We could do this for Gypsy Queen, Topps Series 2 or others once we get organized. Ideally it would be the number of guys that's divisible by the number of boxes in each products case, so it might change from release to release.

Have a great week everyone... I'm sure there'll be trade posts a-plenty this week as they show up in the mailbox!

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