Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday IS mail day!!!

Alright, so the packages got sent out in the mail this afternoon, and when I got home from work I found three packages in my mailbox! Sorry everyone, but my scanner is buried under a pile of taxes, bills and other miscellaneous junk and I don't really feel like unpiling it all... I hope you understand!

First of all, there is Chris over at Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz. I contacted him a little while ago regarding some trade bait from 1978 Topps that he was offering up and I got a total of 7 cards that I needed. I do believe I still need to pull some cards for him to complete the trade, so Chris I'll get those pulled together for you soon!

Next up is Sarah from A Rookie (baseball) Card Collector, one of the rare women baseball card bloggers, and I'm always glad to see diversity in not only the blog-o-sphere, but within our hobby. I think we can always do better to draw more people in! Anyways, off my soap box... Sarah posted a break of some Topps 2011 a little while back and I claimed a lions share of the inserts for my personal collection, with any duplicates going into my "for trade" stack. You can find scans of the cards here. Mainly I was going after the Kimball, T-60 and Diamond Duo cards; as well as some of the reproductions... I was able to send her back a BIG stack of 2010 Update that I had laying around as well as some Topps Town cards.

Finally, there is Matt W. who contacted me via e-mail to let me know he had a bunch of Topps Update (enough to finish off my need list!) for me and I was able to send him back about 27+ cards from a needs list he e-mailed me. **UPDATE: I AM a DIMWIT... my need list was wrong for 2010 Update, there are still three cards I'm missing... so my totally cards needed to kill my 2010 Topps needs, is 4!!!! Help a collector out people!!!!***) haha...

Well, everyone, have a great Valentine's Day... enjoy your candy, may all your chocolates be bug-free!!!

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