Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Topps - TRADE-A-THON!

Alright, so some of you may have watched the videos, some may not have. Whether you have or not, they may be worth a second look, because if you give your FULL attention, you might find something worthwhile... ;) ;)     ****UPDATE: WE HAVE A WINNER! CONGRATS NATHAN H.!**** (Note: the clue to winning the unannounced contest was at the very end of the second video!)

So, here's the results of what I got from my boxes: 1 complete set of Series 1! WOO HOO! Won't have to trade for any! I got probably 275-ish cards of a second set, so if you're looking to fill out your set, let me know I've got plenty of duplicates! A complete set of Topps Town cards. Excited about this because these are the best looking (in my opinion) Topps Town cards yet and I wanted a complete set! 11 gold border inserts and 19 diamond foil inserts! And of course a plethora of other Topps inserts.

Here's what I'm keeping - 1 full set of Topps Town, All Kimball Mini's, assorted Astros and player collection cards, non-duplicate of the vintage reprints, Lost Cards and Dynamic Duos. Here's a want list.

Here's what I'm making available to trade:

All diamond foil cards** - I know several are chasing these. There are 14 that I am offering up, as I have kept a few and other have been spoken for. So, these 14 will go as a LOT to whomever offers me the most cards from ANY of my currently posted WANT LISTS in the side bar. I wait and see what the various offers are in a few days and let everyone know individually if I took their offer or not.(AL ERA Leaders, Headley, Ichiro, Ordonez, Oswalt, Halladay CY Award, AL Batting AVE, Duke, Descalso, Hudson, Eckstein, Garcia, Dempster, Wolf)

All gold border cards** - There are 7 which are not already spoken for. Same deal, they go as a lot to whomever shows the most love and offers up the most cards from my want list for them. (Trumbo, Sale, Arroyo, Jimenez CL, Gee, Morneau, Morel).

All other inserts and base cards - Let me know which insert set you're collecting and I'll work out a trade with you for specific cards you may want or provide me a want list and I'll pull what you need.

Hits - The Fukudome has been claimed by Matt at Cardboard Conundrum but the Lew Burdette is up for trade, let me know if you're interested.

Please e-mail me if you want to work something out or to make an offer on my diamond foil and/or gold border inserts. (*Note: I will take cards from any of my want lists for these deals*)

I will also trade for the Commemorative Patch of Hunter Pence if anyone has pulled one that they are willing to trade! Thanks everyone!

**DISCLAIMER: I don't want to come across as a jerk or anything, I just can't think of a fairer way to offer up these insert cards to those who are trying to collect the full set. I want all of my readers to have a fair shot at them if they want them, while also acknowledging the fact that these cards did cost me something and I'd like some kind of return-on-investment, I sincerely hope no one is offended and that I don't come across as greedy, which certainly isn't my intent.


  1. dude, you ARE coming across as a jerk -- who says you have to be fair, there are Twins cards in those gold & diamond cards! ;-)

    Going to visit my nephew in IA this weekend; I've been holding out buying 2011 until he can help me pick some out. Glad you finished off your set

  2. Rhubarb... yea, I know... but I will say that I'm getting absolutely no offers on the gold border so if that continues I'll probably break them up and you'll have first dibs on that sweet Justin Morneau gold border! :)