Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Topps... 2 Videos, 1 Post...

2011 Topps is here... and there's free cards at stake...

****UPDATE: FREE CARDS HAVE BEEN CLAIMED**** Congrats to Captain Canuck (Walmart cards) and Dawgbones (Target cards)! 

Oh but wait... the wife granted a dying man's wish... (ok, so I wasn't dying but I was going through withdrawal already...)

LET ME APOLOGIZE, I'M HAVING COMPUTER PROBLEMS WITH MY VIDEO AND THE LAST 2 MINUTES OR SO OF THE SECOND VIDEO WAS OMITTED SOMEHOW. I RECEIVED A ROY HALLADAY PHILLIES MANU-PATCH CARD THAT I'LL SCAN IN TOMORROW SO YOU ALL CAN SEE IT'S AWESOMENESS! It also cut out that I was going to give away the black borders in the same fashion as the Target cardboard-backed cards. However, I went ahead and gave the black border cards away to the second responder. I apologize for any confusion.

Overall impression:

1) Collation - out of 3 blasters and a rack pack, I only had 30 duplicates/triplicates while getting 119 of the base set, roughly a 20% duplication rate. I got a few duplications of inserts (16 total including ToppsTown inserts). Not too bad and about what I expected I guess.
2) Inserts - LOVING several of the insert sets in this year's set. The Kimball mini's are SWEET and with only 50 of them in the set, shouldn't be too difficult to collect them all, same with ToppsTown cards. Their design is the best ever in my opinion. Finally, my absolute favorites are the manu-patch cards. Sure they are manufactured, but they look freakin' SWEET. Can't wait to find a checklist to see if they have an Astros (doubt it) patch and if they do, please take notice, I will TRADE FOR IT!!!!
3) Diamond-a-tion - I do like the diamond foil cards and can't wait to redeem my diamond giveaway cards. Out of the 3 blasters and 1 rack pack, I pulled 5 cards which beat the odds on the guarantees on the boxes. I'm happy! Hopefully they unlock something nice.

In conclusion, I give this 4 out of 5 stars... can't wait to get the hobby jumbo box on Friday and hopefully complete my 2011 series 1 set early!


  1. Got two single packs from Target earlier, very impressed, I also sent you an email. Aren't wives GReat, indulging us the way they do!!

  2. I emailed...then saw the update! Thanks for the chance anyway!!!

  3. Looks like you got a few winners, but what was the patch from video #2?

  4. The patch from video two is the Phillies, with Roy Hallady on the card.

  5. Your first blaster started off with the same five card that the sewingmachineguy's did