Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome To My Newest Sponsor!

Well, the paperwork is done and I officially have a sponsorship deal with Tri City Sports PL. Above is the logo for their first ever baseball release hitting the market officially on January 15th! As of now, part of my sponsorship is the chance to get in at dealer pricing on the initial release. After my interview with Paul a couple weeks ago, we continued to exchange e-mails to discuss the hobby as a whole, blogging, the industry and his product. I am really excited about this release and I will be getting half a case of this product to open and show all my readers. Hopefully this will lead all of you to put in an order yourself or find this product at your local card shop! Here's the details of the release:

  • 1 Cut Auto Per Hobby Box
  • 4 1-of-1 Cut Auto's Per 14 Box Case
  • 1 Duel Cut Auto numbered 1-of-1 per 28 Boxes
  • 1 Auto-On-Patch or Auto-On-Jersey cut card  numbered 1-of-1 per 10 Cases
  • Golden Ticket Redemptions - Once in a lifetime trips and real 1/1 type items from the golden age of baseball; 1 per 10 Cases
  • 1 PSA Game Used Gear Auto memorabilia redemption cards - 1 per every 20 Cases - numbered 1-of-1
  • HOT PRODUCTS: Hot Boxes - 1 per 14 boxes; each box will contain 2 cut auto's instead of 1; Hot Cases - Total of 5 Hot Cases, each of which offer 8 1/1 Auto's and 28 total cut auto's in the case.
I can't wait to get my hands on this product. I'll be doing a video post when I open my half case and will of course scan in all of the results. I want to thank Paul at Tri City Sports PL in advance for this opportunity and I wish the best for this release and future releases!

Stay tuned! I have no idea what I'll be getting, but there most likely will be a contest/giveaway for one or more of the cards I get!


  1. Wow! Cool. Good for you. Congratulations on the sponsorship!

  2. Way cool, Congrats! Don't forget us little people on your way up to blog superstardom.

  3. Very cool, congrats! I was just looking at the checklist for that Diamond City set and I am intrigued. Are there any sample pics online?

  4. Colbey, there are pictures at this web address:

    I've been told these are computer mock-ups, and that any spelling errors have been corrected for production.