Friday, January 14, 2011

Trade With Nick Jacoby! And MORE!!!!

Hey, it was a wonderful MAIL DAY for me!!! I have the day off from work and after getting some stuff done around the house, I ventured to the mail box to find a plethora of great stuff!

First of all was a trade package with Nick Jacoby, one the Ginter code breakers. I had a slew of mini's for his collection and he apparently had a slew of cards from my needs lists! So, he sent me 16 cards from 2008 Masterpieces, 16 cards from my Upper Deck 20th Anniversary set chase and 22 cards from my 2009 Allen and Ginter set needs! But the most awesome card of the trade was this beauty!
If only he hadn't personalized it, I could have sold it on Ebay for big bucks!!! hahahaha... just kidding Nick, this is going in my personal on-auto collection! Very cool of you to include this card as part of a trade! I really do appreciate it!

The next package was from a contest that I won over at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius (AWESOME NAME FOR A BLOG BY THE WAY!!!) which turned out to be a slew of 2010 Topps Update cards which I needed to work towards completing that set plus a Clay Buchholz All-Star game workout jersey card. This card is going to Adam over at Thoughts and Sox as part of his prize package for winning out Fantasy Football League!

Finally, I got something today that I wasn't expecting. Actually I was expecting it to get here on Tuesday, but it's here early! It's my half case and promo box of Diamond Cuts Baseball Series 1!!!! The contest is still live! Go get your entry in TODAY... because I will be busting the box open tomorrow and declaring a winner! So, get your entries in by 8AM CENTRAL TIME TOMORROW!!!!

Oh yea, and the results of the poll I posted yesterday were overwhelmingly NOT in favor of a twitter feed (THANK GOD!!!!) I've told my wife time-and-time again that I REFUSE to join twitter-nation. I said the same for facebook, but finally relented... I hope to never give in to twitter... my resolve has been strengthened by your overwhelming votes against it! Thanks everyone!!!! There'll be a post tomorrow with the box results and the contest results!

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