Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trade Post and Contest Reminder

Once I posted my need list for 1978 Topps, Scott from Smed's Baseball Card Blog shot me a list of cards he had available and we quickly worked out a trade. I can't quite remember exactly what I sent him, but he managed to pull over 75 cards from my need list! Below is a scan of some of the highlights!
First and second row contain once, current (at the time) and future Astros! The third row well, I just thought a guy named "Bake" was funny, then there were familiar names in Hal McRae and Ray Fosse! Scott, thanks for the cards and hopefully we can pull off another trade soon!

Ok, I got confirmation today that my cards have shipped from Tri City Sports! Delivery is expected by next Tuesday! GET YOUR ENTRIES IN NOW!!!! Go here for more details!!! FREE BOX OF CUT SIGNATURE PRODUCT is being given away!!!! Thanks for reading everyone!

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