Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Joy of a Completed Set - Trade Post!

Good afternoon everyone! I got to the mailbox today and I had a package waiting! Greg from Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle had contacted me a while back regarding a Russell Martin auto/jersey card and we quickly worked out another trade. It seems we have a pipeline going of Astros/MyNeeds coming my way and Dodgers/HisNeeds headed his way. It's been great trading with him, especially with cards like this:
First of all, there's a selection of sweet 1978 cards for my collection! Lou Brock, Sparky Lyle, Phil Neikro and The Bird... and best of all, one of the best names out there, the man, the legend: Johnny Wockenfuss. Look at that mustache as well, legen...dary!!!! Alright, then there is the HIT of the package, a nice Morgan Ensberg RC autograph. He was a bit of a flash-in-the-pan here in Houston, but as I've said in my blog before, I certainly have a lot of respect for him as a person! And finally... drum roll please... we have DEREK HOLLAND!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!! The BEST CARD IN THE TRADE!!!!! (At this point, many of you are scratching your heads wondering what all the hoopla is about in regards to Texas' southpaw.) Well, this one card is the LAST card I needed to complete my 2010 Allen and Ginter base set!!!! And it's about freakin' time I tracked this one down!

This reminds me, I have very few needs left for my 2009 A&G, 2010 Topps Series 1 and Series 2... I have an entire row of a 5000 count box worth of duplicates from 2010 Topps Series 1 and 2 and about as much for 2009 A&G... send me your want lists or a link if you can help me out... I will knock out as much as I can from your want list if you can provide me with even one card from mine (see blog sidebar for needs lists)! I will soon be posting my needs for the Update set as well! Thanks everyone!


  1. Congrats!!! I just completed my 1979 Topps set today ... a set I started collecting in 1979. I love slipping that last card into the binder.

  2. As long as your list is up-to-date I have 2 cards from your 2009 A&G list. Oddly enough, I have only 9 cards from that set, but 2 of them are cards you need.

  3. Cards showed up yesterday Sam, thanks for the awesome stuff! Much appreciated!