Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Great End to a Busy Weekend...

Well, the wife and I decided to make our trip to the Tri Star show yesterday instead of today, so you get to see the results earlier than expected... the highlights: autographs, jersey hits, Hollywood stuff, knocked out somewhere around 150-200 cards from my 1978 Topps project and above all else, my first vintage card from the 1930's... I won't spoil it for you, I'm going to do a follow-up post this week to discuss this card in further detail, including the frustrating story of how it was obtained... have a great Sunday everyone!

Oh yea, everything is for trade, except that one big card at the end! I've got a need list posted for the box I broke (which Mike over at BA Benny's has already helped with)...


  1. WOW! Sweet Ruth card! Congrats on such a great score, I can't wait to hear the story behind it. As you thought, can surely use the Delgado as well as the Wang parallel. I have a package ready to send out to you tomorrow too.

  2. I am, of course, interested in the Martin haha.

  3. Mike, I'll pull the Delgado for our currently under construction trade!

    Greg, consider it reserved for you once we get another trade worked up!

    Yea, can't believe how I ended up with the Ruth... more details to come later!