Friday, December 31, 2010

Trade Post - Video

Happy New Year everyone from your favorite Dimwit. Just want you all to know that this blog has meant a lot to me, and thus you faithful readers really have made it worth blogging. This all would be for naught if it weren't for the comments, feedback, trades and barbs that fly back and forth. I hope the best for all of you in the coming year. Also, I've decided to make a couple New Years Resolutions for my collecting:

1) Get organized. I've got lots of boxes and lots of cards that are just taking up space with little to no organization. I've already started part of my organization process by putting several sets into binders. But my big goal is to get my non-Astros, non-set completion cards sorted by teams, then work on getting those cards distributed to collectors. Here's another big part of this: my football and basketball cards. I don't collect these anymore and 99% of it is junk wax from the mid-90's. I'd lean towards throwing them all away, but every time I think about it, I wonder if there isn't someone who could use them. They'd be a pain in the @$$ to mail, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know... Also, I've got a handful of sets I'm trying to complete that I need to wrap up, please take a look at my need lists and let me know if you can help. Just search Need List in the search bar and they should pop up.

2) Narrow the scope of my collection. This goes hand-in-hand with the organization thing, but a goes a bit further. I've picked (3) sets that I plan to collect this year and am committing to myself (and my wife) that I'll buy cards from no other sets until/unless I get those (3) sets completed. So, here are the (3) sets for 2011:
  • 2011 Topps Series 1 & 2 - I cannot wait to see the hits from the Diamond collection, hopefully there'll be some really good cards that make the set collectible, and not more crap from Topps. I've got my fingers crossed. If this is a let-down of a set, then I'm just going to stop collecting Topps' base sets from now on. If you're going to have a monopoly on baseball, please make a worthwhile set.
  • 2011 Allen and Ginter - The set that got me back into collecting in 2009 will continue to be collected. I LOVE this set and after getting a rare 1/1 Cabinet Loader Auto-Relic of Lincecum this year, I'm hoping to have great results this next year. I'll collect this set each year regardless. Just the base set though, I'm not chasing down mini's anymore and I'll keep the hits that I really like. Other than the Lincecum already stated, my fav hits from this year were the Berkman Printing Plate and the X-Ray printing plate. Both just look cool in the collection!
  • 2011 Gypsy Queen - This set just looks cool and I love what Topps is doing with the retro cigarette cards. The T206 was pretty disappointing this year, and thus it's been discontinued, but the previews of GQ look great and I'll give this set a shot.
Well, there's my resolutions, hopefully I can stick to them!!!

As promised in the post title, I do have a video for you guys. I need to make a clarification beforehand though, there is a trade where I couldn't remember who I traded with and said such in the video. The trade is with Marck from The Collective Troll! He was very generous in sending me some vintage Astros, and I'm really sorry about the brain fart during the video. Also, there is a skip within the video. I was filming on my day off from work and had the camera so that you couldn't see me, however there was a highly reflective card and you got a good view of me without a shirt on. For the safety of all involved, I edited it out... it wasn't pretty... Luckily the video cam made it through without much damage... Thanks for all of the trades this year every one! It's been great getting involved in the blog community and trading with people all over this great country!

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  1. those are the same three sets I would choose for 2011, good luck with your resolutions