Monday, December 27, 2010

The Much Awaited 1978 Topps Need List

Alright everyone, here I present my need list for 1978 Topps... yes it is massive... but I will trade for each and every one of these cards!!!! Please let me know if you have any questions!

707, 524

Updated 6/16/2012


  1. Here's what I got:

    Go to 1978 Topps (of course)...

  2. Smed,

    I've gone through your list and found a chunk I need. Can you e-mail me so we can start working on a trade...


  3. Please keep me posted on this. Let me know what you need after the trade and I can chop your list down considerably. Not looking for anything in return. Just trying to help.

  4. Hope you got the card I sent you.

  5. Yes, I totally did, and I totally bindered it without mentioning or posting anything about it. I totally apologize and really do appreciate it! I accidentally threw away your envelope as well, can you e-mail me your address and info again, I have something I want to shoot your way in appreciation! Thanks!

  6. What cards do you still need I can probably help you out with 716-694 (excluding 707)