Friday, December 17, 2010

The Dimwit Has Hit The BIG TIME!!! WE HAVE A SPONSOR!!!

I've been contacted by to be a reviewer of their product line, much as fellow blogger Nachos Grande has been, so I am hopping on the gravy train and start reviewing quality cookwares and home furnishings ASAP!!!! Get ready, you'll soon be reading a review of some randomly selected product on my blog. Here's a chance for you to participate: go to and find something you want me to try for you because you might be reluctant to buy it yourself. I'll request it, review it and let you know what level of awesome it is! Give me your suggestions and I'll do my best to pick from them when deciding!

Thanks everyone.. FYI, there's a card post in the works... a video of semi-epic mediocre proportions, but there are auto's and relics!!!

**** UPDATE: For what it's worth, here's two caveats: 1) The Dimwit and wife are vegetarians, but still do quite a bit of cooking otherwise and 2) The items needs to be $35 or less including shipping. ****


  1. how about:

    Presto Power Crisp Microwave Bacon cooker <--BACON!


    Proctor-Silex Sandwich Maker <-after you crisp the bacon; go make a sandwich with

  2. Alright, well PhaLe28, a couple of things to consider that I didn't mention in the blog: The Dimwit and wife are vegetarians... so a bacon maker won't work... and it needs to be under $35... maybe I'll edit the blog to mention those two things!

  3. Congrats on the sponsor. I've enjoyed my association with CSN Stores very much - in fact, I have an item in the mail now (should arrive tomorrow) for me to review!

  4. sorry about that...i am a dimwit! let me see how about the Chef'N Salad Spinner. I don't know if you have one already but my wife and I use it a lot and enjoy it.

    There is no way you can be disappointed with that product; it never lets you just spins and spins and....well you get the point...and BAM...salads are dry and ready to be consumed.