Sunday, December 19, 2010


The wife and I headed out this afternoon with a wad of cash and a dream of autographed cards and memorabilia... and we were not left wanting... I ended up buying a few random packs, 2 boxes of 2007 UD Masterpieces (the guy gave me a steal of a deal, 2 boxes for $40 - he said it my early Christmas present!!!) and a box of 2006 UD ArtiFacts... I made out like a bandit on the GU materials, as you can see below...
The highlight of these, to me, is the Eddie Matthews relic. It's obviously a wool, old-style uni and it's numbered #76/100. Very cool, even if Beckett says it's only worth $10. I'm keeping it for sure. The rest are definitely trade bait. Next, are the auto's that I pulled plus the horizontal jersey card I got:
So the highlight here is the Clemens Auto. I'm a huge fan, steroids or not. I figure everyone was either using them or had the opportunity to do with with little to no enforcement. So the epic battles between him and Bonds were equal opportunity 'roid rage moments... Awesome on-card auto and a nice addition to my personal collection. The Cliff Lee is nice as well, even if it's a sticker. As for Boof Bonser, his name is Boof, what else is there to say???? All but the Clemens are trade bait. Alright, onwards to the box loaders from the UD Masterpieces:
These are full 5"x7" box loader cards, and as much as it pains me to say it, the Jeter card is pretty sweet. Upper Deck had a great idea with the Masterpieces set, so much better than 99% of what Topps throws out there. These two are both trade bait for the right offer! Finally, I've got a bit of a conundrum on my hands, I don't know what this final card is... it's from UD Masterpieces and while the front looks normal enough (other than the foil inlays):
The back of the card is what intrigues me:
As you can surely see, there is a foil inlay "1 of 1" on the back. Is this an Artist Proof? I'm not sure, but I am very excited about a "1 of 1" genuine article. Anyone have something similar they can help point me in the right direction with? My only guess is it's the artist proof because there is border on the front. This is not for trade...

I got many green border cards, one light blue border, one red and two black borders. I've got my 2007 UD Masterpieces set completed.

I promised you a video in a previous post... that'll be a new post as I've had MAJOR difficulty getting it uploaded into YouTube. Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!


  1. Hmmmm... never seen that before in regards to the Nixon. I am however interested in the Jeter box topper.

  2. Dude, those were some great boxes. Wish I could get that Mathews out of your hands. Did you go to the show at the hotel?

  3. Yea, I went to the monthly show at the Ramada. I've got a post coming up soon with the cards that my wife bought as well. She got a couple boxes of Celebrity Cuts and some Donruss Americana. Really like that show because there are quite a few guys who will give discounts once they start to recognize the regulars!

  4. Great buy on the 2 boxes for 40 bucks. Looks like you might have a true 1 of 1 card with the Nixon. BTW, if you have an extra card #7 Lou Gehrig, could you set it aside for me because its the last one I need to complete my set.

  5. 2007 UD Masterpieces had too many variations:

    Artist's Proof - 1 set
    Black Linen - 99 sets
    Blue Steel - 50 sets
    Bronze - 1 set
    Celestial Blue - 1 set
    Deep Blue - 75 sets
    Green Linen
    Hades - 50 sets
    Ionised - 1 set
    Persian Blue Linen - 1 set
    Pinot Red - 75 sets
    Red Linen - 1 set
    Rusted - 50 sets
    Black - 99 sets
    Urban Gray - 1 set

    Maybe your Tricky Dick is a Persian Blue Linen. Or a Celestial Blue. I can't find many examples on the web.

  6. I used to go to that show all the time. I remember way back when they had a show every weekend at a different hotel. Those were the days.

  7. Do you have any plans for the Dice-K Box Topper? And did you get any Red Sox colored variants.

  8. The only cards which have been claimed so far are the Twins auto and relic... (that I'm willing to trade)... if you want to offer something for the cards you want, shoot me an email at

    You can either go through my want lists or offer me Astros and/or Nolan Ryan cards in return for what you're seeking. We can work something out!

  9. Ryan,

    I have an extra Lou Gehrig #8. Is that the one you need?

  10. Adam,

    No color variants on the Red Sox other than the Clemens black border /99 that I have in the post.

  11. Adam,

    Sorry about that, just noticed I didn't post the Clemens. I do have the black border /99 of Clemens that I would part with as well as the Dice K. box loader... send me a trade offer!

  12. it's an artist proof. All the others are bordered. Send me an emai at with what bordered parallels that are serial numbered.