Sunday, November 21, 2010

Normally I'd just keep my mouth shut....

Yes, normally I'd just shut my mouth and move on to next week... however I cannot do it today. After watching the Texans again today, I cannot stay silent. Here are my MANY gripes:

1) Gary Kubiak - You were hired as an offensive "guru". Why so many 3-and-outs... why so many punts... why do we consistently go into half-time with only ONE SCORE on the board? YOU SUCK!
2) Frank Bush - We hired you away from Arizona because you supposedly have a great mind for defense? YOU SUCK!
3) Bob McNair - You say you're all about accountability and routinely throw the players under the bus  for shortcomings that are due to the coaching staff and front office. YOU SUCK!
4) Rick Smith - You put this team together. YOU SUCK!
5) Gary Kubiak (yes, you get two gripes) with 4th and goal from the 3 yard line and :59 left on the clock, you chose to kick the FG and make the Jets score a touchdown. Look across the sideline, you know what Rex Ryan would have done? He would have gone for it, because you can't count on your defense to stop ANYONE AT THIS POINT. Make them score a TD w/ a 2-point converstion, or start the drive from their own 3 if you don't make it. YOU SUCK!
6) Houston Texans Defense - How hard it is to keep a receiver in front of you and play basic man-to-man defense? YOU SUCK!

Kubiak and his entire coaching staff and front office people need to be fired!!!!!!!!! Rick Smith did absolutely nothing to help build a defense and the coaching staff has failed to teach these kids how to make up for their natural deficiencies. Texans 2010 = 4-12 and I don't see now how we won those first 4. BOOO!!!!


  1. I'd be even more angry if I wasn't still projected to beat you in the fantasy football league this week as well... Peyton Manning = 68 fantasy points in a loss... gotta love it...

  2. You have the best wide receiver in the NFL and one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL... just throw deep to Johnson every series. Honestly, what's the worst that could happen?